logoblue212Our Mission at Whippet Run Farm

Helping riders attain their goals with their equine partners is the mission at Whippet Run Farm, in the lush green countryside. WRF is just 5 minutes from the new Ocala World Equestrian Center!

Dee Loveless, owner and head trainer, works with riders to customize and design a training program that will assist them to fulfill their riding dreams.

“Show me your horse and I will tell you what you are.”   English proverb

Dee’s philosophy is that it does not matter whether the rider is working toward competition success in dressage at FEI levels; has goals for lower level dressage competition; wants to improve jumping performance; carriage driving dressage; or is seeking to make the horse more supple, balanced, and athletic for recreational riding. At Whippet Run Farm the belief is classical dressage training is the way to improve the horse as an athlete, making it possible for the horse to respond better to all the rider’s requests. Correct, kind and consistent dressage training helps the rider and the horse to work in harmony. The horse and rider both gain confidence, as well as physical improvement, making it possible to develop a true partnership. The “end game” at Whippet Run Farm is a successful and rewarding relationship and understanding between the horse and rider.

Whippet Run Farm has a solid concrete barn, with eight 12′ x 12′ concrete stalls, big windows and lots of ventilation. The paddocks are spacious and have long standing grass and grand old oak trees for shade. Very quiet and relaxing atmosphere for horses. Sand, full size dressage arena.