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       “If your horse says no, you either asked the wrong question, or asked the question wrong.”
– Pat Parelli


Swan and Dee at Longwood

Swan Longwood 3crop


Swan made her debut at FEI this winter and qualified for the regional finals at PSG at the Longwood Show in February.   While the PSG is still a work in progress, she tried hard and did well, scoring 60% and 62% both days the show.   Good girl!

Fox Lea Farm


A WRF contingent went to the dressage show at Fox Lea Farm in Venice, FL. August 27-28. Horses were great, Swan got second Q score in 4FS; Moe and Sam got two 63% scores in 3-3 which are Q score but they were already qualified; Darcy and Ed got a 67% and won a TR class, missed Q score in T3 by less than .3%! So Swan/me; Moe/Sam and Deb Raben – who is just moving to FL from NJ and into my barn full time with her horse, Chappy; are all headed to Conyers, GA for the USDF Regional Finals for Region 3 in October. Here is a picture of Swan, me, Sam and Moe looking over the fence around a pond right across from our stalls at Fox Lea. There was a sign to beware of alligators and snakes, we were looking for alligators!

Anouk and Soulstar at Ontario


Soulstar won the Ontario Gold Championships as well as the Canadian Championships (Eastern Region) in the AA First Level Division.
He also won the Highest Score Award for the Ontario Championships, Stephen Clarke having given us a score of 77% !! He wrote on my test: ” What a lovely horse!”

Anouk says their show season is over for this year. She also commented “I couldn’t have hoped for a better performance from Soulstar. What a wonderful horse you found me!” Congratulations Anouk and Soulstar!

Anouk with Soulstar

Anouk and Soulstar (2)


Anouk Desaulniers, of Canada, purchased Soulstar from WRF in 2014 and just had great success with the now  6 year old Soulstar.  He did his first two shows at First Level, with scores up to 72% and was First Level Champion at the second show.   Congratulations Anouk and Soulstar!


Deb and Chappy

Deb and Chappy

Deb Raben and Another Chapter (Chappy) had a fantastic show season here in FL with the WRF group.   They qualified for the USDF Regional Championships at First and Second Level; Deb got her Performance Award Second Level; her Masters award; fulfilled the Second Level requirements for her Bronze Medal; and has trained to be ready to show Third Level this year to finish the scores to get that Bronze.   A really super successful show season.   Congratulations Deb and Chappy!